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Welcome to my infamous blog for these stupid people. Hope you don't get sucked in
Don't you even dare steal my stuff or i will find you. I translate things, but who care okei. Taking request but no one cares [x]
Humming Urban Stereo - Give Me Your Tonight
U-KISS - 끼부리지마
VIXX - 기적
316 - 나는 겁이 납니다
Stellar - Marionette\
EXO - Wolf (Demo)
BTS - 등골브레이커
EXO - 중독


We will be uploading future episodes on these two platforms from now on mainly because of copyright issues on Youtube.

We ask that you stay patient when episodes come out and understand that it takes time to be subbed. The team tries their best to get it out as soon as possible looking the best it can be. Remember to credit us fully, and do not re-upload. Enjoy.

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